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Install a Central Vacuum in Your New Home

Have you considered a Central Vac for your new home?

At Vacuum Technology we know you want the best for your new home so we say: "Your new home deserves the best vacuum, too!"

Our central vacuum systems provide superior cleaning and convenience.

We carry top brands and guarantee your complete satisfaction. We'll help you choose the right components, and we'll install them professionally. With 14+ years experience, you can trust us to do the job correctly. We also supply pipe and fittings if you decide to self-install.

We believe whole house systems are the only way to remove 100% of vacuumed dirt from your living area. Deep cleaning power and versatile attachments make every type of vacuuming easy and thorough.

And central vacuums are reasonable! Cost is usually less than $1.00 per square foot installed, depending on the options you choose.

Why not give us a call, or visit our website? We offer a free walk-thru.

If you are building, now is the best time to install your vac or even just the pipes. You'll be thankful you did in the years to come.

Is your home already built?
It is not too late! Click here to learn about retrofitting your existing home with a high quality central vacuum system.

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